February is the month for Love – Closed with Love!

February is the month for Love - Closed with Love!

February is the month for Love - Closed with Love!


February is the month for Love! I've got many 'love' stories about my clients as I've been selling homes for many years. It always makes me smile when I think about our  clients as there is so much to love about them! I've said, many times how blessed I am so to have truly great clients that come back year after year to us and they send their friends and family to us as well. I love helping them buy and sell homes!


Recently we closed a home for a fabulous couple that was referred to me about 5 years ago from a CRS agent. He had been in the service for twenty years and had just accepted a position here in Phoenix. His lovely wife Rie is from Japan and their daughter Annalisa is adorable. She's quite grown up now, 12, and a beautiful young lady! Over the years they've attended many of our parties and events and  they have become like family to us.


This past year or so David & Rie started talking with me about their 'dream' of moving back to Japan. But yet they were thinking of relocating to Iowa for a new position he had just been offered. We had a heart to heart talk one evening and I asked them - why Iowa?  Why not believe your dream of  moving back to Japan can come true? David wasn't so sure but Rie smiled and knew it would happen - some day. Well low and behold, out of the blue,  on David's birthday, he received an incredible offer for a position - you guessed it - in Japan! They were so excited and called me right away to tell me the good news. YES!!!


They had to be in Japan in less than a month so they had a lot of work to do to get everything accomplished, including getting the home ready for sale, selling both cars etc.  Once they were totally moved out our cleaning crew made the house sparkle, then we staged it and our photographer did a photo shoot. It all turned out perfectly!


Their home went on the market and received multiple bids within days. They accepted an offer and we were off to the races, closing at the end of the year. But 4 days before COE we got bad news from the lender, the buyer was unable to close. Ugh. I quickly called the other agent that had presented the other offer and let him now it was going to fall out of escrow. Were his clients still interested? YES, he thought so, as they loved the home! Within a day we had another offer on the table and sellers accepted the offer. Once again, off to closing. Thankfully this time it closed perfectly. To say David and Rie were very relieved and happy  that it finally closed, just 30 days later than planned, would be an understatement!


We're going to miss them a lot AND we're also very happy that they are off living their dream lifestyle in Japan! And our plan is to visit them in a year or so which will be fabulous!


Yesterday a package arrived, a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne! David and Rie wanted to express their thankfulness to us for getting their home closed (finally) and caring about them for so long. So so very sweet! Another 'love' story that really is just starting a new chapter...


This is  exactly why I love my business - my awesome clients!


 Closed with Love!