Gary and I are members of the ActiveRain Real Estate Community (AR), a group of over 250,000 Real Estate Agents and Brokers from around the world. I’ve been involved with AR for over 10 years and have been one of the leaders and ambassadors for just as long.  Every month AR offers ‘challenges’ to the members.  The month of  October Challenge was a fun one – switch up our profile pictures.  I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do for a new profile picture. I’ve had the same one for awhile and so I just needed to give it some thought. Thus this post… Friday Fun! Believe it and it will grow!



I happened to  see one of the other AR members posts for the new profile picture challenge. Carol is trying to grow her hair out so she took a photo of the back of her head so we could see her progress! Well  you know me, right, I like to have a little fun!  I thought Carol’s idea was was very – very clever!  That’s when I knew I needed to create something different – yet very fun and different for a new profile picture on AR!


Friday Fun! Believe it and it will grow!

Carol’s New Profile Picture

I’ve had short hair for well over 20 years because it’s easy care. I’m not a fussy type of gal.  But….. I started thinking about having long blondish/reddish hair – again. And then Gary said – hey I want long hair too! So we decided to do it together. And let me tell you it was a blast finding just the right look for us!!


 Friday Fun! Believe it and it will grow!

Anna and Gary ‘Banana’


 So what do you think of our new look!! LOL


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Friday Fun! Believe it and it will grow!