How Do Home Inspections Work in Arizona?

How Do Home Inspections Work in Arizona?


The Home Inspection Period can be a stressful time for both buyers and sellers. In Arizona the normal inspection period, per our AAR standard contact, is 10 days. If more time is needed to perform an inspection that is negotiated out by the buyer and seller in the offer. I think it's a good idea to schedule the  buyers inspection as soon after acceptance of the offer as possible. The reason we do this is just in case the inspector suggests follow up inspections such as a roofer, HVAC, pool etc. We want to ensure that we have plenty of time to do  any follow up inspections needed so the buyers have as much information on the home as possible.


It is also important to note the the seller and sellers agent are entitled to receive a copy of the inspection report per our AAR Contract. It is normally  delivered along with the Buyers Inspection Notice and Sellers Response addendum.  Yes I know, that's a mouth full for a contract form! That's why most Agents call it the BINSR - much easier!


 How Do Home Inspections Work in Arizona?


Recently I met our buyers at the home to go over the results of the inspection with the inspector. As expected, the buyers were very nervous and brought along their parents and sister for support. It's pretty common with 1st time home buyers to bring along their support team! And that's a good thing!


These buyers come from a long line of our referral clients so everyone knew each other and we were all enjoying a little small talk outside of the home. We weren't discussing anything to do with the house, at that point, just catching up on events and happenings within the family! That's when the seller surprised us and walked up behind us. He stated that his agent said he should be part of the conversation. I politely & simply said, well ahhh, we're not discussing the inspection just yet but we will be in the house in a minute, ok?


With that said, it's been customary for many years that the 'inspection period' in my area is considered the 'Buyers Time'. Before I go further - this custom can and is  different in other states or areas and that's fine. What I'm talking about in this article is what is custom in my area -  the Phoenix Metro area.


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At the final wrap-up inspection meeting, the inspector can speak openly about the property condition and explain all the nuances of the inspection results and get the inspectors advice.  And the buyers and their agents will have an opportunity to ask questions to get further clarification and/or advice from the inspector. Seems like a pretty straight forward process, doesn't it! And honestly the  home inspection wrap up is a rather pleasant experience for our buyers because it's designed to be so!


For our home sellers it is a different conversation. We let them know that the wrap-up inspection is considered the 'Buyers Time' and that it's best that they not be present. Honestly, I can't recall any home sellers having an issue with allowing the buyers to 'get to know the home' on their own. I  also let the sellers know they are entitled to receive a copy of the inspection report and that it will be sent along with any repair requests in the BINSR (see above for clarification)!


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How Do Home Inspections Work in Arizona?